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  1. agramajo

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    With a simple modification we can have a wildcard in our website subdomain.

    You want this, wildcard subdomain: * redirects to

    Go to: Sites -> Websites -> Subdomain for website -> Add new subdomain
    Host: *
    Redirect Type: No redirect

    Then ISPConfig will generate "" with:
    ServerAlias *

    Test it and use at your own risk.

    I wait that this little patch could be included in next release. Only it allows * in regex domain verification. I use it in my production servers (Debian 5).

    # wget ...
    # cd /usr/local/ispconfig
    # patch -p0 < ispconfig3_website-subdomain-wildcard.patch

    I saw a post with a different solution.

  2. mike_p

    mike_p Member

    either I misunderstand your request or this already exists:
    when you add/edit a domain there is a feature "auto-subdomain"
  3. agramajo

    agramajo New Member

    Mike, you are right. I completely miss the "*." option in "auto sub-domain".

    It is not necessary to patch it. I selected now that option.

    And the ISPConfig generate "" with:
    ServerAlias *

    Wow! ISPConfig3 don't forget nothing about Apache config. :-D


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