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    When I create a self signed SSL for a website ( everything works good. For example if I visit the website on browser and I get the browser warning, if I click on "View" to see the certificate information I see the same details I entered for that website's ssl on ispconfig.

    But if I check for emails on thunderbird using (same domain), I expect to get the same warning from thunderbird, which I do get it, though the certificate information is not from that website, I suspect it is from the server itself. If I accept it everything seems to work good. But ! ..

    .. I want to try a free ssl from StartSSL and I am stuck trying to understand what will happen with it. For example I see this tutorial here: which describes how to add ssl to the whole server, but if I do that it will work for the server but not for that website.

    So if I want to put SSL on the website will I still get the same warning in thunderbird on pop3 and smtp ?

    Another thing I want to ask is regarding the CSR. I can understand the steps if I wanted to add SSL to the server domain, but what about the website domain ? Do I skip the CSR creation on StartSSL the same way and use the RSA PRIVATE KEY as created from IPSConfig for that website ?

    Could I get one SSL for the server and one for the website from StartSSL or do they only give one free SSL per account ?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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