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Discussion in 'General' started by pebkac, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. pebkac

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    Hey there, I just installed a new perfect ubuntu 9.04 server with ispconfig 3. I setup about 10 domains on it so far and have set one live. It was pulling up last night, but now from many locations Iget a page that say "It Works"

    Could this be because the domain is the same as the host name of the server ie, hostname = and one of the sites is called

  2. pebkac

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    One thing I just noticed, on my same network I have some other server, that have Public IP address within the same block as the ispconfig server, which are all connected to the same switch. So say from ip 67.100.X.X machine, I type in, it pulls up the website that is located on the ispconfig server at IP 67.100.X.Y. But off net like from my house I go to I get the It Works! page????


  3. pebkac

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    It's strange it kind of works now. But as I'm making more of the sites live, they have the same problem. Like I can go to and it displays the site, but If I type I get the It works! I have made sure that on my zoneedit control panel I have an entry for and for the same IP...

    Please help???
  4. Doug G

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    Why don't you use ping or dig to verify the ip that the url resolves to on both machines. Perhaps you have an orphaned hosts file entry somewere, or perhaps you have a port forwarding or router security forwarding problem. Some routers won't let you properly use an external address from within a lan. I doubt it's an ispconfig3 issue but it could be, I'm just a rookie with ispc3 myself.
  5. pebkac

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    I figured it out. I did make sure the IP's resolve correct etc. the problem was within ISPConfig. When you create a domain it asks fr the domain which I typed in, well down below in those options before you hit save there is a opton for Auto Subdomain which was set to none. I changed it to www, and whala, it works.


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