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Discussion in 'General' started by rsteuer, Nov 24, 2017.

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    We are running 7 servers in a cluster (followed manual) on Debian. Yesterday, we updated all servers to 3.1.8p1. After the upgrade, Apache went down on the dedicated webserver. The error indicated a user, web17, didn't exist and prevented Apache from starting. In checking passwd, web17 was no longer there, although the info was still showing in the admin panel. I was able to find the settings for web17 in a backup of passwd and manually re-entered the info in passwd. After doing so, Apache came back online.

    However, the link for another website (web1) has been deleted. I can find the files in /var/www/clients/client1/web1/web and the databse appears to be intact. But the link to the site domain name is missing. In /var/www, running ls -al returns the web domains with the corresponding links to the /var/www/clients directories for all domains except the one that's missing.

    How can the link be recreated without breaking the info in the master db or destroying any other data?

    Any idea why an upgrade might have wiped out a user from one site and the link for another? There were no errors during the upgrade process.
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    Just noticed that although the webserver is listed under System, it is no longer listed under Tools | Resync.
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    if you can't the server in tools->resync, this server has no websites, shell-user, crons or ftp-user or is a mirror of another web-server.

    if never saw a bug where the updater removes a website and i don't think, that this is possible during an update.
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    As mentioned, as soon as the update completed, I started receiving notices that all of the hosted websites were offline. That's when I found the deleted user web17. As soon as I was able to restore the web17 user, Apache came back online and all websites came back online, too, except one. All users, ftp-users and websites still reside on the dedicated webserver. The website files for web1 are still there, as is the database (on a separate, dedicated db server). however, it appears the symlink is missing. Can I simply create the symlink manually to bring the site back online?

    Is there a way to restore the Sync capabilities on the master server? I have the backup on all servers that was created during the upgrade process.
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    The problem is more severe than originally realized. Although the websites are up and running, none can be accessed via ftp. It appears all the ftp-users are missing. However, in the Control Panel, all ftp-users are listed. Attempting to change the password fails because the website name is not available in the dropdown list.

    Any help? I have backups of all machines.

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