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    I've not moved DNS to mydns, because I could not get it to do external lookups. I plan to figure that out in a vm machine. For the moment I am using old style file based dns and lookups work.

    Currently most of my sites work like this.

    But this link is defaulting to the first site set up.

    Newbie issue for sure.

    I've recently tried choosing in the site menu the www.* option.

    Second issue.

    Some of the sites with perl scripting are not executing their scripts. Some are, some not.

    I have two basic website types.

    1) php based, wordpressed and forums.
    2) Older html based with cgi-bin perl based mail forms.

    What would be a good basic configuration that would work these two types.


    I want to redirect to

    I can not understand the redirect options. if someone can point me to a forums post I'd be grateful.

  2. falko

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    Do you use ISPConfig 2 or 3?
  3. isn

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    ISPconfig 3

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