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Discussion in 'General' started by mike_p, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. mike_p

    mike_p Member

    I wanted to change the base directory from /var/www to /home

    (because the default installation of Centos by my server supply company partitions the disk with most space assigned to /home)

    I looked at the 'Web' section. I didn't make changes but I then moved to a different page. Immediately the whole control panel went wrong with php error messages on most pages saying they can't find certain files and several pages giving the message "Notice: Undefined variable: wb in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ on line 189"

    So I assume that by changing pages, it must have automatically changed a setting, and broken the paths. I have regained partial useability by adding the following include dirs to my php.ini settings:

    How can I reset all paths and regain full operation?
  2. bajodel

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    I don't know if the following is a solution.. but you can test it in a minute :) :
    ('#' are command as root)

    - stop apache
    - # mv /var/www /home/var_www
    - # ln -s /home/var_www /var/www
    - start apache and test.. your base dir is now /home/var_www

    If it doesn't work .. simply remove sym-link and restore the folder in the right position:
    - # rm /var/www
    - # mv /home/var_www /var/www

    ..but i hope it works :)


  3. mike_p

    mike_p Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. The main problem is that I didn't make any changes!

    I am now rebuilding the server from scratch (I think its about the fifth or sixth time!) and carefully following my own checklist since there were some oddities in the perfect setup guide and somethings didn't match the way my servers are 'delivered'.

    This time I will however, when I first run ISPConfig, change the default basedirectory.

    ----- edited to add ------------

    After a total rebuild of the server and fresh installation of ISPConfig3, I cannot reproduce the error.
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  4. mike_p

    mike_p Member

    For anyone that's interested in changing the root directory for clients/websites: if you use a root other than /var/www (eg /home) you will need to rebuild apache with suexec root set to /home. (That is if you use SuExec!)

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