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    Ok, I might be a little daft when it comes to this, but i m trying to get the website auto alias to work.

    I found some information on it (mostly that it exists) here and there on the web, however, I cant seem to make heads or tails from it, it lacks a little
    information for me to cipher it out. Let me give you a short scenario.

    ISPconfig is installed on a single server, for simplicitys sake
    and it is using the domain xxxxxx.tld

    Someone wants to have a site on my server, but wants to see if
    their site works before pointing the DNS. Now, lets say they have the
    domain yyyyy.tld

    What should I have in "website auto alias" to be able to see
    the site using the url "yyyyy.tld.xxxxx.tld" ?

    Assume i have *.xxxxx.tld already pointed to my server using an A pointer in the DNS servers
  2. till

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    If you want to ensure that you see the site exactly as it is displayed after the dns switch, then use this method:

    The auto alias domain works as well, as long as the code of the website that you use does not has a hardcoded url inside or tries to switch back to the original domain like e.g. magento shops are doing it.



    and ensure that you have a wildcard dns record for *.xxxxx.tld pointing to the ip of your server.
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    If I have a www.xxxx.tld website with option "Auto-Subdomain www" I should not switch that to "Auto-Subdomain *" because the above will not work and it will allways show www.xxxxx.tld website, right?
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