Webmin "System and Server Status - Scheduled Monitoring - Send SMS to"

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Balinder Walia, Jul 20, 2007.


What do you use to monitor your web server?

  1. SMS alerts

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  2. Email alerts

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  3. Standalone application

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  4. External service

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  1. Balinder Walia

    Balinder Walia New Member

    I am new to Webmin and just noticed there is inbuilt "Scheduled Monitoring" under "System and Server Status - Scheduled Monitoring - Send SMS to" which is interesting to me. I am curious if anyone has set it up and using to monitor web servers/mail servers etc? Bit I am interested more is sending SMS to the system admin's defined mobile...what are the minimum requirements. Do we need to have account with some third party SMS sending agents?

    I am using http://monitor.rootinternet.co.uk/ with success however would like to get more information about Webmin "System and Server Status - Scheduled Monitoring - Send SMS to"
  2. steveljohn8

    steveljohn8 New Member

    Different Types Monitoring System:-

    DNS - Monitors the availability of Domain Name Servers (DNS) and verifies translation of domain names to appropriate IP addresses.

    FTP - Tests and monitors the availability of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers to accept user logins and facilitate file transfers.

    PING - Monitors and verifies ping requests to ensure IP-level connectivity. Ping can be used to monitor connectivity for servers, routers and firewalls.

    POP3 - Monitors designated Post Office Protocol (POP) servers by verifying availability and specified mail user logins.

    PORT - Monitors connectivity to custom Internet services from specified ports.

    SMTP - Connects to mail servers using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and verifies SMTP functionality.


    Stevel John
  3. simrnz

    simrnz New Member

    I'll suggest you to use 'Webmin version 1.500 and Usermin 1.430" because this new version fixes an XSS security hole, has added value Software Package Updates module, fixes Bacula module bugs, gives background status colletion, enhances Postfix TLS support, provides a status monitor for bigger directories and much more. You can download it from the Webmin downloads page, or from our YUM or APT repositories.
  4. Thunderbird547

    Thunderbird547 New Member

    Its a browser based interface for system administration of Linux developed by Jamie cameron. Web based administration was new concept in system administration. Many other tools such as Linuxconf, YaST and Redhat’s Gnome sysadmin etc replicated some of the functionality of Webmin but they couldn't make remote access easy. besides they can be run only at Linux box console as these are X-only applications. It supports multiple platforms. Following products have been released.

    1. Cloudmin 3.8 ( For Managing virtual systems)
    2. Virtualmin 3.76 ( Adds more control over NS DNS, disk quota & handling
    mail box)
    3. Webmin version 1.500 and Usermin 1.430 (fixes an XSS security & fixes
    bugs) etc
    Webmin removes the need to manually edit Unix configuration files like /etc/passwd, and lets you manage a system from the console or remotely.
  5. tekknoir

    tekknoir New Member

    Lol, this might be the most disjointed thread I've read all day, nobody has even tried to answer the original question
    Aaand, sadly, I don't know the answer :(

    From what I have read, webmin comes with a built-in list of free SMS gateways for a variety of mobile providers. Pick your mobile provider from the list (in "Scheduled monitoring" settings), enter the phone number in the box beside it, and the rest is magical.

    I'm not sure what you do if your mobile provider isn't in the list, that's what brought me here :p

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