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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by arcticflipper, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Yip I know this has been done to death most prob, but I'm a tad slow.. :)
    Ok so here's where I find myself completely lost.

    I've only worked on a previous Webmin version, and well that was quite some time ago. Now I encountered a new installation with a new webmin interface.

    Ok so it's not that bad, not too much has changed, but where the heck do I put what agian?

    The scenario is this. I am using SUSE10.2 to act as a firewall and router.
    The adsl router is bridged so that I can do all authentication on the Linux box. Much quicker using the PC CPU than the Router's slow CPU.

    There is 3 network cards installed - 2x 1GB and 1x 10/100.
    Now the ADSL is working fine from the SUSE box, I can ping internal networks and external networks. But I need to setup the IPtables and natting so that the internal network can gain access to the external network.

    If you use Firewall2 that comes with SUSE you can get this to work quickly, but it's not that secure. Now I need to re-learn how to and where to setup the iptables, nat ad whatever else is needed for a custom secure firewall.

    I've started playing with webmin, purely because I've found it easier to use a GUI than trying to type code and search for where the code's suppose to go into.

    I know there re 3 things to consider when implementing a firewall - post-routing, forwarding and pre-routing.

    I just can't remember what goes where...

    Any help?
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