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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bboy8012, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. bboy8012

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    Is there a tutorial, or script where you can create a webmail.example.com for every site created? I have been searching and could not find one. We prefer a monkey proof tutorial so I can know how to do it. Thanks
  2. CSsab

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    You can set up a new mail domain for each website you create already in the same way that you set up the first email domain.

    Maybe you are asking if you can set up a new mail server for every domain and if this is the case then yes you can do that too.

    What is your setup please? ;)
  3. bboy8012

    bboy8012 New Member

    Ubunu 10.10 with squirrelmail, only have 2 sites on my ispconfig right now and would like them to have there own email like webmail.site1.com and webmail.site2.com. Is that the setup you were asking. Dont have dns setup.
  4. CSsab

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  5. bboy8012

    bboy8012 New Member

    Ok thanks, I know how to create the mail boxes, but I need to figure out how to have each domain, have its own mail domain and log into it with webmail.domain.com. I have a test domain with a subdomain webmail.testdomain.com, but can not get it squirrelmail webpage to pop up. Can I install squirrelmail in each domain I have that I create webmail.domain.com, or do I have to have it point back to the main mail server?
  6. pititis

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    you can add a subdomain called webmail in ispconfig pointing to http://yourdomain.com:8080/webmail

    ... and don't forget to add a record in your dns for this subdomain.


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