1. Hi,

    I have an Ubuntu Server 10.04 - ISPConfig 3 installed.

    Regarding SqirrelMail webmail. I can reach it by typing in myserveripnumber/webmail but where do you setup the link from a subdomain webmail.mydomain.tld --> myserveripnumber/webmail ???
    I created a C-record/Cname "webmail-->www.mydomain.tld" but of course this will only get me to the the webserver. So where do I make the link? In "IPConfig - DNS" setup?, Subdomain in "ISPConfig - Sites" setup or is it set up somewhere totally different???

    Looking forward to your response :eek:

    Kind Regards,
    [email protected]
  2. almere

    almere Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Hey there.

    If you want to set you webmail to a subdomain, i would like to recommend you to create a new vhost (new site in IPSConfig) with a name, like: webmail.yourstuff.com and than to make simply a symlink in the root of the new site to your webmail. Something like that...

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