webmail login with e-mail adres shows wrong Maildir

Discussion in 'General' started by zokahn, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Can someone explain how i can check the web#_name to mailaddress mapping for courier on ubuntu:

    I'm having this problem. When i login with a user (web8_bart) with e-mail address [email protected] using outlook and the web8_bart user i see a different maildir then i do when i loggon with the emailadress in webmail.

    This is true for the squirrel, webmail and the RoundCube package webmail.
    When i loggin using the email adress i'm routed to the web2_bart Maildir.

    (I ran into trouble with the web2 domain, it was also setup as www.zokahn.com with a [email protected] mailaddress. I guess it was not cleanly removed when i deleted it using the webinterface. I also cleaned out the recycle bin.)

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    You can not use the email address as login in ISPConfig at all except of UebiMiau. I guess you have some other accounts configured with another controlpanel that supports @ in the username, ISPConfig does not support it, thats why you get different mailboxes.
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