WEBID_ Database Keeps Incrementing

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by royrobinson, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Running V2.2.18 fine no problems. The issues also relates to earlier versions as well.

    When I create a site and user ie: mysite.co.uk, then add a user, say [email protected], then add a database, web1_db1 + web1_u1.

    All good, then if I delete the above site and empty recycling bins, you would think that it has freed up web1, but when I go back and recreate the site, mysite.co.uk, the add a user I get web2_ and the also when I create a database I get web2_ (obviously user names have to be filled in after). Before 2.2.18 when I experienced this I could go into db_ispconfig database and delete old users/databases that seemed to remain, but in 2.2.18 they seem to get deleted but the webid_ still increments, is there a fix for this as I have had an issue with and account where I need to put them back as web1_ and not the next available web?_.

    Help greatly appreciated.

  2. erebus

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    If I recall correctly, this is the default behavior as MySQL uses unique ids.

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