Webdav connection error on Windows 7

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Wisdown, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Wisdown

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    Hey guys,

    I`m on my new journey, now trying get this working with all things in only one VMware...

    After some tests i checked Webdav isnt working.

    Someone could point me where to start try found the error?

    On apache i see this:


    have the user:webdavtest:encypted password


    [warn] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] client denied by server configuration: /etc/apache/htdocs

    but dont exist the file htdocs
    I should create one?

    On windows explorer, i click on computer, the:
    Right click
    Add new network place
    I type the address

    Then get the error:

    The folder you typed is not valid, Choose another one..


    FTP is working, i can access using FileZilla Client and see the test folder
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  2. till

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    Ensure that you use the domain of the website were the webdav user belongs to to connect to the server. If sou use a different domin, the hostname of the server or ip address, then webdav access will fail. You dont havebto create any directorys or files manually.
  3. Wisdown

    Wisdown Member

    So if igot it right, lets supose my server is:


    Then if i add an client with this domain:


    Making an webdav user choosing the domain of my client (clientdomain.com) dont gonna let him use the webdav feature?

    I tried test outside of my LAN, asked for an friend try connect in an differ domain of the my default hostname, he sayed get on step to name the folder, then get an error about invalid folder, next says the connection is made sucefull but he dindt get the link on windows explorer.

    I have tried using webdav login name created on ISPConfig pannel and [email protected], without success

    Note: The manual says if i dont set and sub dir (on ISPConfig interface), will be the root, but on the ISPConfig i cant get this field empty
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