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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by OpenSources, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. OpenSources

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    I am wanting to provide two types of web servers. I want to offer Apache and Nginx. Is it possible to link a standalone apache & nginx server to a single ISPCONFIG installation sharing mail, database, and DNS
  2. Croydon

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    Of course. We are using a ISPConfig multi-server installation with one admin (master) server, several apache servers, some nginx servers, a separate mail server.
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  3. OpenSources

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    Great to know! Let me ask if I may do you have any tips on which raids which servers should have? I've been reading up on how different raids benefit different server types. I understand redundancy now I want to understand performance.
  4. till

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    The most common raid modes are probably mirroring (Raid 1) when you have two hard disks or raid5 if you have several hard disks. Personally, I won't use modes like raid 0 (striping) as it doubles the likeliness of losing data.

    You can probably find soem good articles about the raid modes on the internet, this topic not ispconfig specific.. If you want a fast server, then I would choose SSD disk, especially for database servers.
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