"Web Server Config" not available for Aliasdomain (vHost)

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    Hi guys,

    we use the web server configs alot for standardized configuration of nginx + php(-fpm). It works fine and as expected for websites.
    On two different installations with the recent ISPConfig versions we are not able (anymore?) to chose existing web server configs for aliasdomains (vhost). The dropdown is there but only has one entry with "-" as value. Under "Websites" we can select the configured web server configs correctly. I believe this was working at some point in the past, but I am not sure of this.

    This is not an issue for nginx as the configs from the parent website seems to be used. But the PHP settings configured as "required php snippets" in the nginx web server config are not used at all for the php-fpm pool config file.

    Intentional, user fail on our side, or bug?

    Thanks alot again,
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    When the dropdown is there, then they should be selectable. So it's probably a bug. Please add a bug report at git.ispconfig.org so we can look into the issue in detail for the next release.
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