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Discussion in 'General' started by Mitzy, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Mitzy

    Mitzy New Member

    Following on from my other thread I decided to install ISPConfig on* a clean server and it appears I can now access SquirelMail and phpMyAdmin etc so all is good on that front YAY.
    I’m having massive problems though with my site.
    Redirection from www to non www results in blank pages, if I change it to divert to www everything works fine. This problem has been killing me, so simply but I’ve checked all the usual and can’t come up with a reason for it not working.
    As a result of the above I decided to delete the existing site then re-add it again, only afterwards realising that the new site points to a different document root, so how can I link this site to an already existing document root to get my site back online?
  2. Mitzy

    Mitzy New Member

    Just reuploading all the files to the new document root however I'm still stuck with the problem that I can't access my site via http://example.com.

    Any ideas, think I'm missing something on the DNS side of things.
  3. Sir Henry

    Sir Henry Member

    How is your DNS configured then? You need separate DNS records for example.com and *.example.com.
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  4. Mitzy

    Mitzy New Member

    Hello dude.

    My name servers are with linode.

    I've got A records as following with Linode.

    www > Points to Server IP
    mail > Points to Server IP
    "___" Points to Server IP (this one is just blank)

    I've got the same A records in ISP Config as above.

    I don't have any records as you've described "example.com" and "*.example.com"


    My brain is hurting now.
  5. Mitzy

    Mitzy New Member

  6. Sir Henry

    Sir Henry Member

    Your DNS looks ok to me, no problem there.

    Actually you seem to have a redirect or alias from the-sps.org to www.the-sps.org. Is that not what you want? What is actually not working as expected?
  7. Mitzy

    Mitzy New Member

    At the moment I have a redirect from http://example.com to http://www.example.com because when I try to browse to http://example.com I get a blank page.
  8. Mitzy

    Mitzy New Member

    For whatever it's began working now YAY
  9. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    maybe some browser / dns cache somewhere? well, it works now :)

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