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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by frank2, Nov 17, 2008.

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    ISPConfig-2.2.27 debian

    I had a problem with 403 Forbidden

    I was having trouble with getting my web sites to show anything beyond the standart "it works" and I knoticed in my Vhosts_ispconfig.conf I had the wrong ip.

    I installed using a diffrent address then later changed it to a lower number instead of the that fixed the problem and everything was fine..

    beyond that I did a reboot then I noticed my ip in Vhosts_ispconfig.conf had changed back so I changed them back (I was getting the same "it works" again" )

    I went from the stock "it works" to 403 forbidden Ugh

    The Vhosts_ispconfig.conf has the proper ip address

    everything looks fine. My email still works fine..
    I can access the https://ip:81 admin interface ok

    I know I would like to know how or where the best place to change the ip address so things don't change on me like that

    and apache2 -t
    gives me
    # apache2 -t
    apache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}

    I rebooted again just now and what do you know it now changed back to the old ipaddress.. so where do I change my IPaddress properly? so that it does not change?

    It stills shows the 403 ..Vhosts_ispconfig.conf had changed
    so i edited them everything is back again but I can't have this changing where do I change it so it does not change any more!

    I have all my hosts and interface files with the proper ip address

    Let this be a lessen to you. make sure you are happy with the ip before you start the install
    My issue seems to be fixed

    some othere notes
    if you upload websites using ssh make sure you have a account for that domain say webadmin or somethng that has a email account with administrator checked off. and make sre the web files have that set as the user

    and in my case debian www-data for the group..

    Thats all folks
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    possibly fixed

    Ok well I dunno if I fixed it..

    but for anyones information

    since it keeps changing (and its not some weird magic) it must be in the database

    you can qwery the database for your ip and you will find that its located
    Tables ....


    Now I changed them I can't see it changing the ip now..

    If things go well maybe I will redo this post maybe someone can make it a sticky

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