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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by giorgiofr, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. giorgiofr

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    As you can imagine, sometimes we do not have easy access to ssh tools, so I was thinking that maybe you'd like to add some sort of web-based shell interface to ISPConfig, only accessible if you log in as admin of course.
    It would fit well in the Tools section. Just a box that accepts commands, runs them as root on the server, captures output and shows it to the admin.
    What do you think? It's an obvious security risk but if you're logged in as admin you're perfectly capable to bring everything down anyway.
  2. martinfst

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    There are plenty 'web based ssh' tools. Use this search term in Google and you get Java, php and C based tools all capable of being integrated with your Apache webserver. Some are really easy to install.

    The BIG security issue is not whether you're able to destroy your server, but the real security issue is the fact you open your server with ssh access on the browser port. Your dependent on several components now to make sure your server does not get hacked.

    I would never allow such a tool on my servers on the public internet. But of course, it your server. Be really sure your box remains closed. ;)
  3. djtremors

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    Er, thats not quite true.
    The shell access on a browser I've seen have been in Java mainly and all it does is download an applet which connects via SSH but still on TCP port 22.

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