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Discussion in 'General' started by pne, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. pne

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    silePHProfit v1.0
    sileIncipit v1.0
    silePSpoof v1.0
    sileC2Bd v1.0
    sileBD00r v1.0
    sileFMail v0.1
    sileMSRput v1.0
    sileCrittem v0.3
    sileCrittem v0.2

    Universal PHP injection exploiter
    Scanner PHP injection and cgi bugs
    Binary system process spoofer
    Connect-back backdoor
    Fake daemon backdoor
    Fake mail sender
    Mass scanner/rooter
    Criptography tool
    Criptography tool
    Local DoS for linux
    Scanner for unicode bug

    sileFSBXxpl v1.2
    sileHOSTCxpl v6.1
    sileCPANELxpl v9.1
    sileVBULLxpl v3.0.4
    silePNEWSxpl v2.0b4
    sileAWSxpl v5.7-6.2
    silePNUKExpl v7.4
    phpExploit v4-5
    Fusion SBX <= v1.2 exploit
    Hosting Controller <= v6.1 exploit
    cPanel <= v9.1 root exploit
    vBulletin v3.0.4 exploit
    paNews v2.0b4 admin exploit
    AWStats v5.7 - v6.2 exploit
    PHP-Nuke v7.4 admin exploit
    PHP memory_limit exploit

    For thoose who want the download for thoose program to revert or security fixes PM me!

    My site just got hacked by exim? The user exim had psybnc installed, shoutcast and icecast2.

    Watch out, its made by an italian group.

    Anybody got any tips how I can optimize my securtiy?
    I'm using a Debian.

    IF your using phpbb;
    Go here for a patch to fix the exploit.

    /* phpBB 2.0.4 Remote Admin_Styles.PHP Theme_Info.CFG File Include */

    Thanks in advance, I will try to update this as soon as I know more.
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  3. pne

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    Yeah I know, but look in that file.

    A client of mine had phpbb and not phpbb2, and that file wasn't modified as it should.

    Though exim seems to be the reason =/
    Also one of thoose script gives you root access :(

    Well, hope it sorts for you others!
    The guy didn't destroy so much for me.


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