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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Happy, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Is there a distribution on how to add in Spamassasin and ClamAV. I have a new server setup and running and several of my users are complaining about getting a lot of spam. Here is what I have setup currently:

    ok I did not install every part of The_Perfect_Server_-_Ubuntu_Lucid_Lynx_(Ubuntu_10_04)_[ISPConfig_2]
    I only installed the following parts as I only needed system users and did not need the other stuff. I wanted to make sure you knew which peices of the install I did if that helps

    The base system
    11 Install Some Software
    after the above I skipped to
    14 MySQL
    15 Postfix With SMTP-AUTH And TLS
    16 Courier-IMAP/Courier-POP3
    I stopped after 16

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    I have a VPS at 6sync, 512MB RAM, and after istalling amavis I found out the beast was eating about 45% of my RAM alone, with only the 2 default servers running.

    Since I could not find anything helpful regarding overall RAM usage optimization on Google, I disabled amavis and now my box is breathing more comfortably again.

    Spamassassin is still working but since I never got spam (as far as I can remember, at least) on the few email boxes I run, it's hard to say if it's doing a good job - if any - at all.

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