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    I just found wampserver. I hadn't even thought about it being possible--an Apache server with mysql and php running on a windows machine basically the same as lamp.

    Very useful for site development, especially Wordpress in my case. Wordpress works normally, plugins, etc. You just have to import the database to your linux server when you're finished developing it in wampserver. I'm also using it for a local office server so my co-workers can checkout the sites I'm working on. We can use all the wordpress features so people can add input, etc.

    It's simply a 1-click installation. I had to uninstall all the windows server bits and disable my windows firewall for the server to be accessible over my local network. It works a lot better, easier and it's a lot lighter than windows servers, and not as much hassle and doesn't use resources like virtualbox.

    Anyway, a search didn't turn it up here in the forums, and it's definitely a worthwhile tool, so I thought I'd let you know about it.

    There's also a similar project called z-wamp server, but I haven't tried it.
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