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  1. crazy8

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    Other than password protecting files this is kinda what I need to do.

    1-user (possibly more later. User=someone who works here)
    -each user with their own home dir (I have done this already)
    -set permissions on /home/dir for the user accounts
    -set permissions on users or put them into a group with certain permissions? Not sure how this would be done?

    anonymous accounts(anonymous/ftp)
    -anonymous account will get used by our 11,000 customers (companies)
    -some how need to find a easy but secure way to allow acces to files only to the companies the files pertain to and without creating 11,000 accounts.

    -All anonymously uploaded files get put into /home/anon/upload
    i have it set up this way, just not tested yet.
    -All files for anonymous users to download get put into /home/anon by the user account(s)

    I think thats it any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Also if you need to see my .conf I only have network access to it so I will need a way to get it to my laptop to copy on here.

    Thank you all again for any help
  2. crazy8

    crazy8 New Member

    I just hand wrote my conf file so here is what I have incase it is needed.


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