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    within the 'perfect setup' howto for SuSE 10.1 it is said that vsftpd doesn't work with ISPConfig on SuSE 10.1. But why is that? And is it still a problem in the current release of ISPConfig? I wasn't able to find out anything about it apart from the notice in the howto, so I hope someone can tell me something about it.

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  2. Ben

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    Well I have vsftpd running with ISPConfig 2.2.5 till 2.2.7 on Debian.
    There are some limitations on vsftp compared with proftpd, anything about only 1 anonymous ftp per IP... but for my normal use of ftp vsftpd is doing fine / better than proftp.
    So the only thing I could think of here would be any problem with the shipped vsftpd package. Otherwise just install vsftpd, install ISPConfig and check vsftpd as ftp daemon or take a look at threads about switching from proftpd to vsftpd, here
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    The problem with vsftpd is that it allows only one anonymous FTP account instead of one anonymous FTP account per IP address like ProFTPd does.
    So we created the ispconfig_tcpserver which then runs vsftpd so that it can also handle one anonymous FTP account per IP address. The problem is: ispconfig_tcpserver doesn't work on all platforms... :eek:
    If you don't need one anonymous FTP account per IP address, you can use vsftpd, and you can disable the ispconfig_tcpserver.
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    Hello Falko,

    that's all I needed to know, thank you! :)
    In fact, I don't need anonymous FTP per IP address (to be more precise: I have one IP and don't need anonymous FTP at all :D ).
    And I prefer vsftpd because it's more secure.

    Thank you,

    P.S.: The SuSE howto is very good work. It helped me a lot!

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