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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by motermouth15, Sep 19, 2018.

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    I currently have ISPConfig installed as a virtual machine instance on a server running Proxmox. I'm attempting to run an instance of Odoo as well so that I can help a friend of mine realize how they can run their business through it. The suggested way of running Odoo is through a VPS. I can't seem to find any documentation anywhere on how to setup/run a vps through the virtual server manager on ispconfig. As a result, I created another vm in proxmox to house my Odoo instance, and am currently using ispconfig to proxy_pass to my odoo vm. Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to use VPS within ISPconfig? I'd obviously rather just have it all housed in ISPconfig instead of figuring out how to do all of this proxy_passing.
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    The VPS support in ISPConfig is only for older openvz (not virtuozzo), and doesn't integrate with proxmox at all. I'd just keep the setup you have if it's working for you, proxmox's config/features for VPS management are quite a bit better.
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