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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Leszek, Mar 4, 2007.

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    When my computer wasn't connected to the Internet i was experimenting with VMware Server and Linux systems set up according to some howtos from Howtoforge.com. The type of network connection I used in my virtual machines was "Host-only" and everything went fine. Now when I can connect to the Internet from the same computer at home (with a public IP address) I'd like to expose one of my vmachines to the net (Debian+Apache) so that I can test it in it's natural environment. The problem is that nobody can reach it after typing my ip address in the address bar (only an example: My Internet IP is static.What should I change in my virtual machine's network settings for this to work? Should it have a static IP or maybe an address got from VMware server's DHCP service ? And the second: what type of network connection should I set in my vmachine's network adapter settings (Bridged? NAT?) ???
    Thanks in advance.
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    Are you in a local network (behind a router), or is your computer connected directly to the internet?
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    My phisical computer is connected directly to the Internet.
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    Host-only is host only, Only a local address, no internet connection. You need to check on 'Bridged' or 'NAT'. If you have a unique IP address for your VMWare server, you could use Bridged. If you are behind a router with one public IP address shared for multiple system, I'd say use NAT and do the appropriate port forwarding and access you VM server by using a port number.
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    Earlier I used "host-only" because my computer wasn't connected to the Internet. I've come up with a solution last night and it's similar to Yours martinfst.Here it is:

    In the VMware Server Console i clicked on "Host" and "Virtual Network Settings...".Next thing i did was going to the tab "NAT" and clicked "EDIT".
    As the gateway IP address i typed my phisical computer's IP (ip from my internal virtual network) so it could act as a gateway for my virtual system (then vmware passes it to the vmachine by DHCP).After that i choose "Port Forwarding" and setup the appropriate ports, for example. in incoming TCP ports i chose "Add..." >> Host port:80 >> Virtual machine IP address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx >> Port:80 and clicked OK.
    It doesn't matter if my vmachine has a static IP or gets it from DHCP because VMware Server's DHCP allways passes the same IP's to my machines.

    Now I could open my vmachine and change it's ethernet network connection to NAT (OK) and then start it.
    If the above steps were taken when the vmachine was on, it has to be restarted or at least it's network services (in Debian /etc/init.d/networking restart).

    Everything works for me as described above :)
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