VMWare Server 2.0 RC2 and Virtuabox 2.0 Backup

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by c4rdinal, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. c4rdinal

    c4rdinal New Member


    I think it's really important to make a regular backup on your virtual machines. Could someone share a Howto on this?

  2. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    to make backups of the VM
    i just copy of the path\to\my\VM
    and put it on another drive as a backup
  3. c4rdinal

    c4rdinal New Member

    Actually, I was looking for some sort of script to automate backup. But as of this moment I haven't found compatible for Vmware 2.0 RC2 and virtualbox 2.0. :(

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