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    I'm following the tutorial : The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 13.04

    Before I go live on the web I want to get it running in a virtual box.

    I have a VM and options for NAT or Bridged networking.

    I'm running the VM on my laptop which is connected to my router using DHCP over wifi.

    I'm not sure which IP address I should assign to the static interface in the server. I can see there are 2 interfaces for VM in the host. VMNet1 / VMNet8 - I've tried the IP's for both of these but I still can't get online.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I've set my VM host to use NAT. I disabled DHCP in VM host and noted the IP address it was previously giving :

    I also noted the Gateway number being subnet mask

    So I set the interfaces file in the server to :

    iface eth0 inet static
    network (not sure what this is !)
    broadcast (this was found in VM DHCP settings)

    I can ping the server from the host on IP but I can't get online from the server nor ping the host.
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