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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by escu, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. escu

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    Hello. I have installed ISPConfig on CentOS 5.3. Everything works perfectly, so I decided to do a little tweaking :)

    So, because I have a RAID 1 device, consisting of two 1 TB hard-disks which is mounted as /home, I decided both vmail folder and www folder should be placed in /home. I moved these two folders in /home and in Server Config -> Mail I have changed Maildir Path to /home/vmail/[domain]/[localpart] and Homedir Path to /home/vmail. Everything fine, but when I try to create new mailboxes, I get this error in mail logs:

    The solution was a really simple one, just creating a symlink of /home/vmail in /var. Everything is fine now, but that's a small correction to be made to the code of this, otherwise, great thing called ISPConfig.


  2. zond

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    what says command
    ls -l /home/vmail
  3. escu

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    I have already fixed the issue by making that symlink. So now in my /home/vmail folder there are two folders: mailfilters and domain.tld which is normal.

    What I was saying is that changing those folders in Server Config -> Mail (Maildir Path and Homedir Path) does not actually changes them; ISPConfig keep trying to use the default location (/var/vmail)
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    can you make a screenshot of Server Config -> Mail (Maildir Path and Homedir Path)

    in webpanel ISPconfig a have System->Edit Server [ select server : example.com]-> (2 tabs ) Services and Config

    and a can't change config between mailbox or maildir or locations

    I think my installation of ISPconfig 3 is wrong

    i will make screenshots
  5. escu

    escu New Member

    Here it is. ISPControl

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  6. zond

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    hm, i have this
    but where you change from maildir to mailbox

    and why maildrop says
    (temporary failure. Command output: /usr/bin/maildrop: Unable to open mailbox.

    but ispconfig uses maildir

    or it's not important
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  8. till

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    The answer to this is really simple. You can not change the location of the maildir in ISPConfig after it is installed or you will have to change the maildir also manually in all maildrop scripts.

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