VLAN and NAT on Dom0

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    In this how to

    "herefore you have to edit /etc/xen/scripts/network."
    in my /etc/xen/scripts there is no file named as network
    when I do an ls
    openworld:/etc/xen/scripts# ls
    blktap		 block-enbd		  locking.sh	  network-dummy  qemu-ifup	vif-nat    vtpm-common.sh	   vtpm-impl		xen-hotplug-common.sh
    block		 block-nbd		  logging.sh	  network-nat	 vif-bridge	vif-route  vtpm-delete		   vtpm-migration.sh	xen-network-common.sh
    block-common.sh  external-device-migrate  network-bridge  network-route  vif-common.sh	vtpm	   vtpm-hotplug-common.sh  xen-hotplug-cleanup	xen-script-common.sh
    Which of the above file should I edit?
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