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    I just installed the Debian multiserver setup after prepping 8 servers with the first six steps of the
    recommended Perfect Server setup. During this, I didn't see anything about virtual servers.
    Having used multiple instances of Apache on a machine before, each listening on one of multiple addresses
    assigned to one NIC, I figured ISPConfig 3 probably used something similar.

    After a thorough reading of the ISPConfig 3 manual, it looks to me like I will have to redo the 4 web servers instead and
    use this - - - -
    instead of the some of the multiserver setup. Is this correct, and if so where within the webserver install would I start?

    Debian 6.0.5 64Bit
  2. till

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    Virtualisation shall not be installed on a web server, as you wont be able to host sites on a server that is prepared for openvz as the openvz package conflicts with the linux quota package. If you want tu run a webserver, then follow the web server installation instructions from multiserver tutorial. If you want to install a openvz virtulisation server, then follow the openvz tutorial.
  3. ljackson

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    Got it. Thanks a lot Till.

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