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    Hi Howtoforge !
    Cheers for the mail you sent me ! Here we go again !!!
    I have an apache virtualhost issue .
    Where i'm hosting my site an another site added and i don't manage to get them working . The problem is the virtualhost name resolution . When i write in the browser , let's say , siteX , instead , is to show off. I have configured virtualhosts in sites-avialable dir fist and than i enabled them with a2ensite .The default site starts vith a NameVirtualHosts * directive which is not present on the siteX virtualhost file .As attachment there are the virtualhosts file i have,they maybe explain the issue better than me , whatever else you need just ask and thanks ... howtoforge i missed you too ....

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    Apache error log file doesn't report any particolar strange behavior at all . Technically none of the virtualhosts file i sent are wrong . If i a2ensite marica and i'm looking for , marica shows off and if i look for marica still marica shows off . I a2dissite marica and things go back to normal behavior .
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    Solved ....
    I have put ips in all virtualhosts file i gave you and ops ... everything got sorted ... thanks anyway !

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