Virtualbox and The perfect Setup

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    Yesterday , i give a chance to install an virtual machine server on my Win 7 pc , so i start doing all , step by step, until install Binds .....
    when im trying to use apt-get command didnt response ( im using putty to connect on my Virtual Ubuntu Server 11.04 (
    I realize that the server doesnt have no more internet connection ... i dont know why, becouse until this steps everything works just fine
    i setup my guest pc ( ubuntu ) with this static ip ( , and this gateway:
    but in Virtual Box adapter , appear 192.168.56.x (the x is becouse i dont remember the last number, im at work now) .... the same for gateway, besides i notice that the putty connection is SOOOO SLOW NOW ...
    i try to change from nat , to all posibilities.
    Anyone can help me ???



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