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    Questions about: virtual_postfix_mysql_quota_courier

    1. There is no mailbox generated after adding it in the database?
    Do I have to make it by myself?

    2. When I have send an e-mail to a mailbox the mail is never ending in the mailbox its just deleted from the queue without a clearly reason.

    Have anyone suggestions?

    Dear Falko,

    Last week I read your article.
    It was really good for me because I don't work with linux every day.

    Anyway I have 2 short questions, maybe you would like to give me some advice because I can't find it by google.

    1. When I create a new user in the database, no mailbox will me made, is this right, or have I some configuration error?
    (now I have made an mailbox manually with (to be sure 777) rights on the mailbox
    2. When I send a message from the server itself to a testmailbox (like your example: [email protected]) nothing is shown in the mailbox when I login by telnet.
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    The mailbox is created automatically when the first email arrives.

    Any errors in your mail log?

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