Virtual users in Postfix/Courier - execute script

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    [SOLVED] Virtual users in Postfix/Courier - execute script

    Is it possible to execute command for received message in Postfix configuration described in ?
    Should I add command to transport table? Adding to /etc/aliases seems doesn't work :(

    Solved a problem, maybe in not reliable way, but it works.

    1. Add new virtual map to /etc/postfix/virtual: robot

    2. change owner of /etc/postfix to postfix user & execute postmap /etc/postfix/virtual

    3. create alias to command in /etc/postfix/aliases
    robot: "|/path/to/script"

    4. add hash:/etc/postfix/virtual to virtual_alias_maps (before mysql:)

    5. restart postfix

    Now, all messages to robot@myhost.tld forwarded to script.
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