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    I have setup a server following this how to. Everything seems to be working fine with one exception. I am using Evolution as a client. When Evolution checks for email it doesn't download any mail from my server. When I force Evolution to "Send and Receive" I get the following message

    Blah Blah....

    Then Ends with:
    This appears to be some sort of default certificate. If I accept it then as long as Evolution is open everything works fine. If I close Evolution then I have to force a "Send and Receive" so that I can get this error message and "Accept" this "BAD" certificate.

    In following the How To - I did create the TLS certificates. In testing the server via Telnet I get the following:

    How do I create an proper SSL certificate or how do I direct Postfix to use the certificates created in the How To?

    My /etc/postfix/ is as follows:

    and with the following:

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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