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  1. blinden

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    We are running a barracuda system for spam/virus filtering, and it is also tagging questionable emails. I would like to setup my server to take any messages subject tagged ([BULK]) by the barracuda and automatically put them in the junk mail folder or spam folder.

    I've read a lot of forum posts and articles, most of it seems to be focused on the header tagging that takes place internally on the server, but I want to just focus on the subject line if possible

    Any thoughts on the best approach to accomplishing this?
  2. blinden

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    I've installed maildrop but I'm having trouble configuring it to work with the setup I have now, not quite sure what I'm missing. I apologize if I'm missing an obvious answer to this question, the configuration for maildrop is hanging me up a little though.
  3. falko

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    Does Barracuda use Postfix/amavisd/SpamAssassin? If so, can you post your and your
  4. blinden

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    barracuda is all closed source proprietary software. It just reads the emails, scans them and passes email onto the mail server. The email receives the messages from the barracuda nonethewiser that it had previously been scanned, just does a GREAT job of keeping traffic very low on the mail server. only about 5% of the emails get through to the server. Of those emails, about 20% of them are tagged as spam, this is done both in the headers and in the subject line, I just figured it would be easiest to make a filter based on the subject line

    I would almost nto use any spam/virus scanning on the server at all, save the fact that the barracuda wouldn't touch anything local delivery and that could still cause a fairly large problem for me.
  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I don't know how I can help you if it's closed source.

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