Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier.... certificate issue

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    first thing, tutorial is great. I have done everything, and everything is working (almost) fine. I have one only issue: when making an IMAP connection from an app I get an error message "Certificate failure for". What's happening ? Is not about if it's trusted or self-signed, it only says certificate failure. Here some doubts that maybe are causing this issue:

    1) The "CN" field in "imapd.cnf" file has to be server's FQDN, or has to be the domain which I'm connecting to ? (I've tried both, but it would be good to know).

    Also, I'm not making an SSL connection... I'm connecting by port 143 and the app is not configured to connect with SSL (I thought this would make things easier... but maybe I'm wrong). Could it be only because it's self signed ? How can I check that ?

    Well if anybody can help me... thanks !!
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  2. falko

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    If you have accepted all default values during certificate generation, it's probably because the cert is self-signed.

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