Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL

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    Hi All,

    After following this howto, i ran into a small problem.

    I have a fedora 8 server, on which a Lotus Domino server runs. Now, we want to combine Lotus Domino mail and PostFix. In essence, we want postfix to recieve the mail, and pass some of the mail to Lotus Domino on the same server, listening at port 30. If postfix recognises the user, it must accept the message and deliver it, in the case postfix knows the domain, but not the user the message must be passed to Lotus Domino, in all other cases, the message must be rejected.

    I have set the following configuration in the mysql tables


    forwardings is empty

    transport: smtp:[]:30 smtp:[]:30

    [email protected] (password quota are set)

    mail send to testuser1 is accepted. All other mail is rejected with the message user unknown.

    I expected postfix to allow the relay to work with this configuration. After spending 5 days expermenting and googling i have given up on figuring this out on my own. Any help is appreciated.
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