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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by cmccrea, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. cmccrea

    cmccrea New Member

    Have taken an interest in deploying a small-scale email server for half a dozen domains. Have had a look at the "free" webmail clients that are available and have taken a liking to Horde.

    Is it possible to integrate Horde into the setup that Falko configured for virtual users and domains with mysql, courier, postfix in place of Squirrelmail.

    If so, has anyone had any experience in doing so and what pitfalls should I look out for.

    Thanks in Advance:cool:
  2. Wisdown

    Wisdown Member

    Try check this guide:

    If you have all in same server (apache / mail / database / dns / etc...)

    This guide help alot.
    If you did dedicated multiserver setup, you will need start set the things by hand on:




    To point for your mail server...

    After phew tests before i give up (was using dedicated multiserver setup), there some issues with permissions to enabling the features...

    Setting arent saved... (you need make the file using root on shell - i have tried chmod 777 and dindt worked...)
    And other stuff

    I`m focusing now in one dedicated server with all stuff, if i get this working without any issue i come back to report.
  3. cmccrea

    cmccrea New Member

    Thanks for the follow up response.

    Maybe I should start with a basic question that is more inline with my knowledge.

    I am more than happy to use either of the three recommended webmail apps - Squirrelmail, Roundcube or Horde but I do need to configure the initial login page per virtual domain. Is this an option? I am hoping to implement it for a community based group that would like it to display their logo and incorporate their colors.
  4. Wisdown

    Wisdown Member

    Sorry for the delay on answer, i`m on exams at university...

    I think all mails u got (horde / squirrel / roundcube) are front ends, or in other words they only query the real mail service dovecot for example, so the real app working on get mails per domain is dovecot


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