Virtual Users And Domains W/ Postfix, Courier and MySql + Squirrelmail prob

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  1. nsurge

    nsurge New Member

    I'm trying to setup squirrelmail on a remote server to connect via IMAP to the host running Postfix, Courier, and Mysql (on FC5 64b). It's able to connect and authenticate (which shows what's in the inbox), but it's having a problem with creating the initial folders. (I also can't create any folders in Outlook/OE). I'm able to pop email and imap from the server from O/OE w/o any problems.

    This is the error i get on the left hand folder view pane and what I get if I go to the folders options and try to create a folder:

    ERROR: Could not complete request.
    Query: CREATE "Sent"
    Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name.
    I thought SquirrelMail, or Courier created the default folders it needed in the /home/vmail/domain/user directory automatically, but dosen't seem to be the case. I havn't found any info on this on google or here, so I apologize if I overlooked it. The testconfig.php says everything looks good. I'm able to send email find also, so I know it's mostly setup correctly.

    Thanks any info,
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Did you send a mail to that user first to go sure that Maildir has really been created?
  3. nsurge

    nsurge New Member

    I created a bash script that generates a welcome message to initialize the accounts I create in the DB. This sets up the /home/vmail/domain/user folder, which contains the quota file, the "new", "tmp", and "cur" folders.

    I'm able to pop from this account, and use imap from Outlook/OE, but only my inbox is available.
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    And can you create new folders with Outlook?
  5. nsurge

    nsurge New Member

    No, when I try to create a folder in Outlook/OE, I get a message that says

    "Your folder could not be created: the IMAP server refused to create it." When I l click on details, I get this:

    Invalid mailbox name.
       User name: [email protected]
       Protocol: IMAP
       Port: 143
       Secure(SSL): 0
       Code: 800cccd2
    This error code is suppose to mean:

    ×800CCCD2 IMAP_TAGGED_NO_RESPONSE Message tagged.
    It seems like some kind of permission issue, but nothing comes up in the logs either. Am I missing some courier-imap config settings somewhere?

    thanks again,
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Is Account: correct? This should be your username. I don't think that is your username.
  7. nsurge

    nsurge New Member

    I changed the domains to mask the real ones. The login information is correct, I'm able to authenticate without any problems, send mail, receive, etc.

    I can't get Courier to create the folders for IMAP and SquirrelMail. (Sent, Trash, etc.)
  8. nsurge

    nsurge New Member

    I have now figured out that I can create a subdirectory under the Inbox folder. But I get the above mentioned error trying to create one on the root directory! I'm going to try to courier-imap mailing list too for some help with this!
  9. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Maybe the root directory has wrong permissions?
  10. nsurge

    nsurge New Member

  11. nsurge

    nsurge New Member


    FINALLY! I've figured out the cause.....

    From Squirrel Mail's wiki,,
    I found this:

        * SquirrelMail Fedora package and Courier
    If you use Courier and SquirrelMail Fedora RPM (1.4.4-2) - remove $default_folder_prefix override from /etc/squirrelmail/config_local.php.
    Although I'm using 1.4.8.x, I commented out the setting anyway and tried it.... SUCCESS! :D

    Hope this saves someone a week long headache... =)

    Thanks Falko for the help and the awesome howto... again! ;)

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