Virtual Users And Domains on Ubuntu 8.04 howto

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    Virtual Users And Domains on Ubuntu 8.04 howto password question

    hello, nice tutorial, used it about nine months ago and it works pretty fine for me, the only difference is that i'm not using squirrelmail, but roundcube. yesterday i've found some strange thing: for example I have 10-digits password, like Password12, when i'm trying to authorize myself in either roundcube or pop/imap via mail-client i can use only first 8 digits ('Password' or 9 - 'Password1', or whatever digits 'Password12423513fwe', but only first 8 digits is really important) of my password and it let's me in.
    Can someone explain me why is that?
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    in my configuration (postfix, courier) it is possible to use md5-crypt-passwords, like in /etc/passwd.

    to generate such passwords you can use makepasswd, mkpasswd, htpasswd,...
    "mkpasswd -m md5"
    "makepasswd --clearfrom=/path/to/mypasswordfile --crypt-md5"



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