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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mumbly, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. mumbly

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    this is a kind of "newbie" question about virtualization and openvz.
    I'd like to run a virtual system with ubuntu server 8.10 and openvz but i think i'm a bit lost or mistaken.

    Question : what are the steps to "build" and run such a system ?
    Step 1 : install the OS (ubuntu server)
    Step 2 : install openvz
    Step : etc.

    Am i right ?

    If i run several virtual systems on my server how can i configure domains to point to the system with my own (and only one !) ip address ?
    Moreover, will i be able to connect from outside to :,, etc.
    Will i have several apache instances on port 80 if i have a debian system for host1, centos for host2, etc. ?

    Sorry if i'm not clear, but i've done my best in english ! :D

    In fact : is there a "step by step" tutorial to configure such a system ? (with ubuntu or Debian ...)
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  2. falko

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  3. mumbly

    mumbly Member

    OK ! Thanx ...
    Will i be able to host several "standalone" VPS on my host server with only one public static IP address?
    What if i want to host web sites on each VPS (with apache for exemple) ?
    Will i need to configure something on my network ?
    Thanx !
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You need one IP address per VPS.
    If you run your OpenVZ host behind a router, you can install Apache (for example) on just one VPS because your router can forward port 80 to just one local IP.
  5. mumbly

    mumbly Member

    OK !
    When you say "You need one IP address per VPS" you mean public IP address, right ?
    BUT : what if i'm NOT behind a router ?
    Could it be possible to create "bridge" or "NAT" ?
    If not i'm stucked ... because we MUST have several public static IP addresses to create several standalone VPS? Right ?
    Is there any solution du bypass this ?
    I'm a bit lost because most of the tutorials about openVZ or Xen are not so clear about public OR private Ip addresses and often propose some configs with private ip addresses...
    Many thanx in advance !
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  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I run the test setups here in my LAN, that's why I'm using private IP addresses. If you're not in a LAN, you must use public IP addresses.

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