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  1. Brasse

    Brasse New Member

    I've installed a virtual mail system according to:

    Everything except quota and squirrelmail.
    I have a lot(1-3 per day) of false-positives in my spam quarantine folder, and 90% of those are because of bad header. (most bad header senders uses Outlook, no suprises there.)

    I dont want to quarantine bad header mails at all, i want them delivered to the recipients mail box!
    It would be ok to tag bad header mails in the subject, but definetley no quarantine.

    Settings in < /etc/amavis/conf.d/20-debian_defaults >
    $final_virus_destiny      = D_DISCARD;  # (data not lost, see virus quarantine)
    $final_banned_destiny     = D_REJECT;   # D_REJECT when front-end MTA
    $final_spam_destiny       = D_DISCARD;
    $final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;     # False-positive prone (for spam)
    Settings in < /etc/amavis/conf.d/21-ubuntu_defaults >
    $final_virus_destiny      = D_DISCARD; # (defaults to D_BOUNCE)
    $final_banned_destiny     = D_DISCARD;  # (defaults to D_BOUNCE)
    $final_spam_destiny       = D_DISCARD;  # (defaults to D_REJECT)
    $final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;  # (defaults to D_PASS), D_BOUNCE suggested
    i have not really understood what file is used: 21-ubuntu_defaults or 20-debian_defaults?

    And how do i make the bad header mails find there way to the recipient instead of quarantine?

    BTW, thanks for a very good guide, i really appreciate you guys taking your time to set up theese guides! :)
  2. Brasse

    Brasse New Member

    I found another problem. It does not work as SMTP-relay. Except when someone tries to send to a mail account in our domain

    Lets call our domain .
    So when someone on the outside(lets say [email protected]) selects SMTP-server and send a mail to:
    [email protected]
    The user will recieve an error saying: relay access denied
    However if someone send a mail from the outside ([email protected]) with SMTP: to my account on company.x ([email protected]) the mail will arrive.

    In other words, our server relays mails if they are sent to an account in our domain, but not if sent to an account outside our domain.

    All this is tried without any authentication to the SMTP-server.

    How can i deny ALL SMTP access without proper authtentication?
  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That is how it's supposed to be for users that don't authenticate.
  4. Brasse

    Brasse New Member

    Is there no way to fix this bad-header thing?

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