Virtual Machine Linux. Worth it for local dev server?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Mils, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Mils

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    I am looking at setting up a local development server, rather than a dedicated machine I was looking at using a virtual machine client like vmware (which vmware product should I use btw) and installing ubuntu then Lampp.

    I have not used Linux since uni (10 years+) ago. I am a skilled programmer with 10+ C++ experience making computer games, and I have worked on php/mysql projects many times in the past, but always just using the deployment server. This time I want to setup a local environment and I thought if I make it a virtual machine, it won't affect local performance on my machine when I turn the VM off...

    I did some searches on installing ubuntu on with a VM but I wasn't sure if they were correct for what I am looking to do. So I guess I'm asking for your opinions.

    I have tried once before to use VMware Workstation and installed Ubuntu on it, but the console interface drove me nuts and I couldn't work out simple things like how to start a web browser so I could download and install LAMPP etc....

    Would just using windows be the safest option? Or should I look to do something more?

    Thank you for your time
  2. nbhadauria

    nbhadauria New Member

    try vmplayer on ubuntu as base.
  3. neofire

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    Vmware workstation is good and installing ubuntu on it is quite easy, if your looking for a free virtual machine application oracle's virtual box is also a good product

    If you have a spare workstation around with a bit of power behind it vmware esxi (vsphere 5 ) is free
  4. Mils

    Mils New Member

    thanks! I will check those packages out.
  5. neofire

    neofire Member

    i am not sure if you can install it to a usb drive and have it function on another computer correctly

    but if you put your VMs on the usb drive (keep in mind while running them they will be a bit slower due to the usb interface) and you open them up on another PC you will be prompted "Where did you get the VM from" and you will get two options "I Moved it" or "I copied it" select one and it will start up

    that is probably your best option, due to vmware workstation installing virtual devices on to the computer eg: Virtual Network Cards
  6. Mils

    Mils New Member

    thanks I will try that!
  7. mmidgett

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  8. zcworld

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    i like the vmware workstation due to the fact that i can copy the hard drive image or the total VM image once it is installed

    and than when updates come out i can open that clean image up and install them

    than make an full backup of it and run it on other pc without a problem
  9. neofire

    neofire Member

    Virtualbox is a awesome product aswell, i use it on my linux workstation

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