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    I've tried the search function, but none of the existing threads are the same as the problem i'm experiencing.

    First of all, i'm using the free domain service from dyndns, i had one website, which was working with ispconfig. no problem exists.

    I added another website url with dyndns, and made a new client in ispconfig, added a new domain ( no subdomain ), and after that, the first and the new website both present me the default start page, It Works!.

    I added 2 extra ip's in ISPconfig, and even in my debian added those ip's too the /etc/network/interface file as eth0:0 & eth0:1.
    Also added the /etc/hosts file with the ip adresses (namely: & .0.7).

    ispconfig is on the real ip of the server ( which is working LAN/WAN side.

    ISPconfig succesfully creates the vhost files of both websites in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled. The DocumentRoot for both websites point to the good location.

    If i use the both hostnames to login to their FTP logins, i get the correct webspace for both hostnames.

    Also if i delete the 2nd website, the 1st website doesn't return back to working order, so it seems it's just messed up. If I however visit the website via it gives me the website, though not correctly viewed, and only the index.php works, no hyperlinks functioning.

    I'm at a complete loss right now, any assistance is welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I resolved the problem.. I did a full reinstall of ispconfig, and it works like a charm now for some reason. Perhaps something went wrong during the first install, however i can't seem to remember it did!

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