Virtual Hosting With PureFTPd And MySQL (Incl. Quota And Bandwidth Management)

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  1. sEby

    sEby New Member

    Hy guys.
    First of all, i want to say thanks for sharing yours knowledge with us.
    Second, i have install Centos 5.1 on my machine, and i try to make a ftp, fallowing this tut:
    All work ok and installed successfully, only one problem i have.
    I try to login with iexplorer typing and nothing happen.
    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
    Then i try with firefox, and here stop at
    Beginning ftp transaction...
    I open opera and, surprise :eek: a login box pop-up.
    Then i have try with
    ftp://[email protected]
    , i login with iexplorer but when i try to download something the same error.
    With flash-fxp work ok.
    All config files are exactly as in tutorial.
  2. falko

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    Any errors in your logs?
    Anyway, I recommend to use a real FTP client, such as FileZilla.
  3. sEby

    sEby New Member


    Thanks falko for you reply.
    There is no errors in pure-ftps.log, secure.log or messages.log.
    The same problem is on vmware and real machine too :(.
    If somebody have the same problem please post here, maybe we can resolve in some way.
  4. unclecameron

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