Virtual Hosting With Proftpd And MySQL (Incl. Quota)

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  1. miguellamerz

    miguellamerz New Member

    I, as a newbie, have been working on this one for two days now, but it time for some help 'cause it's driving me mad.

    I did exactly as the tutorial told me, but when I try to log in with FlashFXP it cuts me of immediatly saying:

    [R] Connecting to Example op S***m Server -> DNS=***** IP=24.132.***.*** PORT=21
    [R] Connected to Example op S***m Server
    [R] Connection failed (Connection lost)

    This is my /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf:

    DefaultRoot ~

    # The passwords in MySQL are encrypted using CRYPT
    SQLAuthTypes Plaintext Crypt
    SQLAuthenticate users* groups*

    # used to connect to the database
    # [email protected] database_user user_password
    SQLConnectInfo [email protected] proftpd ********

    # Here we tell ProFTPd the names of the database columns in the "usertable"
    # we want it to interact with. Match the names with those in the db
    SQLUserInfo ftpuser userid passwd uid gid homedir shell

    # Here we tell ProFTPd the names of the database columns in the "grouptable"
    # we want it to interact with. Again the names match with those in the db
    SQLGroupInfo ftpgroup groupname gid members

    # set min UID and GID - otherwise these are 999 each
    SQLMinID 500

    # create a user's home directory on demand if it doesn't exist
    SQLHomedirOnDemand on

    # Update count every time user logs in
    SQLLog PASS updatecount
    SQLNamedQuery updatecount UPDATE "count=count+1, accessed=now() WHERE userid='%u'" ftpuser

    # Update modified everytime user uploads or deletes a file
    SQLLog STOR,DELE modified
    SQLNamedQuery modified UPDATE "modified=now() WHERE userid='%u'" ftpuser

    # User quotas
    # ===========
    QuotaEngine on
    QuotaDirectoryTally on
    QuotaDisplayUnits Mb
    QuotaShowQuotas on

    SQLNamedQuery get-quota-limit SELECT "name, quota_type, per_session, limit_type, bytes_in_avail, bytes_out_avail, bytes_xfer_avail, files_in_avail, files_out_avail, files_xfer_avail FROM ftpquotalimits WHERE name = '%{0}' AND quota_type = '%{1}'"

    SQLNamedQuery get-quota-tally SELECT "name, quota_type, bytes_in_used, bytes_out_used, bytes_xfer_used, files_in_used, files_out_used, files_xfer_used FROM ftpquotatallies WHERE name = '%{0}' AND quota_type = '%{1}'"

    SQLNamedQuery update-quota-tally UPDATE "bytes_in_used = bytes_in_used + %{0}, bytes_out_used = bytes_out_used + %{1}, bytes_xfer_used = bytes_xfer_used + %{2}, files_in_used = files_in_used + %{3}, files_out_used = files_out_used + %{4}, files_xfer_used = files_xfer_used + %{5} WHERE name = '%{6}' AND quota_type = '%{7}'" ftpquotatallies

    SQLNamedQuery insert-quota-tally INSERT "%{0}, %{1}, %{2}, %{3}, %{4}, %{5}, %{6}, %{7}" ftpquotatallies

    QuotaLimitTable sql:/get-quota-limit
    QuotaTallyTable sql:/get-quota-tally/update-quota-tally/insert-quota-tally

    RootLogin off
    RequireValidShell off

    For some reason I can log in with the unedited proftpd.conf file and my debian user account and pass... So the routing is okay, I presume.

    Please help!
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Did you try both active and passive transfers in your FTP client?
  3. miguellamerz

    miguellamerz New Member


    Hi Falko,
    Thanks for your reply!
    Jup, but unfortunally without any progress. It keeps cutting me of right at the beginning.
    Have you any other suggestions? The .conf file is okay you think?

    My best.
  4. miguellamerz

    miguellamerz New Member

    Installed PureFTD

    Once again hi!

    Did a PureFtp install (with the Falko 'how-to': thanks!) without any troubles so I've the problems are solved.

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