VIrtual Box - Linux Mint - does not like 3D accelaration

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    I have been experimenting with Virtual Box recently, and for some reason I decided to install Linux MInt on it.
    I experimented a bit and I am able to activate a variety of features like cop paste, drag and drop, extra RAM and video RAM.
    According to various website, when working with LInux MINT, you need to activate a GuestAddition Session addition, and also turn on 3D acceleration.
    I can activate everything except the 3D accelerating and the system boots fine, while getting the hardware acceleration not available error.

    But, as soon as I turn on the 3D acceleration, Right after I enter my password, it turns in to a black screen. It does not respond after that.
    Any ideas as to why it bugs?

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    Here are a few details abou tmy set up:
    Virtual Box:
    Version 5.2.2 r119230 (Qt5.6.1)

    Running on Ubutu 16.04 (up to date as of today)

    Using LInux Mint 18.3 in the VM.

    Log file is attached as zip file.


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