Video problems installing Mandriva

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by toddyrj, Mar 13, 2007.

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    I´ve just installed Mandriva Linux in my hard drive a dozen times, but it always appears a command line screen to log in instead of the grafical interface. I´ve tried both KDE and GNOME, but I believe the problem is my videocard driver (ati x1600pro 512mb agp @ intel 865 perl p4 3.0) or my screen resolution (monitor Sceptre 20.1" wide).

    I tried to configure it on the Video Card "configure" during installation. The tests were sometimes "out of range" and sometimes ok. Even when it was ok, after the first reboot and a nice "linux teaser" 10 minutes session, after a second rebooting the command line "log in" screen appeared again! (and I don´t know even a single command!) The grafical interface is gone!! Sometimes right over install, sometimes after at the third boot.

    How can I fix it? Installing again, right? Why does the grafical interface didn´t loaded as default, even when correctly set? (and if i'm right) How do I KNOW AND SET the correct screen resolution, refresh rates and color depth?

    Help me!!!!

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